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What's Math Got to Do with It? - Chapter 3

Chapter 3: A Vision for a Better Future, Effective Classroom Approaches In Chapter 3, Boaler describes two successful approaches that offered students experiences with real math work. These approaches were used in studies that Boaler conducted. The study details that she shares are very interesting (I love reading about research), and I've included the highlights here. Boaler calls the first approach the Communicative Approach. She completed a four-year study, following about 700 students in three different high schools, to determine that this is a successful approach. Students at one particular school were detracked, algebra became the first course that all students took when entering high school, and the teachers met over several summers to design/alter their courses. In this approach the focus is on "multiple representations," like words, diagrams, tables, symbols, objects, and graphs. The students at this school explained their work to each other, and moved betwee

Problem of the Week, #8

All problems are now on my new site: This week's problem can be solved by guessing and checking or by setting up an equation and solving algebraically, so no matter where your students "are," they can give it a shot:-) Click to access  To access all of the Problem of the Weeks, click  here !

Decimal Fold It Up Freebie

I created my new decimal packet for class (most of it anyway!), and as part of it, I made this little Fold it Up for standard, expanded, and word form. Feel free to download it if you can use it! I didn't include a picture of the inside, but will add it tomorrow after I fill it in:-) Click to download! Have a great day!