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Partner Daily Language

I don't often write about my new products, but I am excited to share this one, because it has been many years in the making. Years ago, after using Daily Oral Language in a variety of ways in my classroom, I decided that each student needed to become more engaged in our daily language instruction. Many were already engaged - students took turns coming to the board to make corrections and identify parts of speech, but typically, only one student had a turn at any one time.  At that time, I was attempting to make sure students were understanding the grammatical reasons for the corrections they were making, and if they tuned out for even a little bit, they missed some information.  So, using the Daily Oral Language sentences, I created a peer teaching method for our daily language, which I'll explain below. After using it for the first year, I found that my student absolutely knew the content better than students in the past, and so I have continued to use it on a regular basis

The Factor Game!

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Guest Posting on All Things Upper Elementary!

I am so excited to have the opportunity to have my guest blogger post on All Things Upper Elementary today! My post is about all the uses of prime factorization that I'm loving right now. Check it out and grab the prime factorizations freebie!

Converting Fractions and Decimals Fold it Up!

Click to download ! I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, but it can be tough! Before break, we worked on finding factors, prime factorization, and finding GCF. We went back to school for one day last week (Thursday) and spent some time reviewing these ideas. Then, we had a snow day. So, tomorrow, I think we can move on, and discuss converting fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions. We have done a little of this during the year, through our Mental Gymnastics (daily math), but haven't spent extended time on it. I made this quick Fold it Up to help us tomorrow. Our book series has a decent powerpoint, and as we go through it, the students can quickly fill in the appropriate terms on the Fold It Up. Then they can use it as a resource when doing their homework and studying. This one is a little different than any I've made before. I included a fraction/decimal number line at the top, so it's a handy reference in the notebooks. Step one f