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Workin' on it Wednesday Jan 28, 2015

Among other things, I've been working on my first Valentine's activity and my first giveaway - I started small:)  Feel free to enter, as well as share what you've been working on! An InLinkz Link-up

Sunflower Seed Butter!

I have been trying the Whole30 Program for about 15 days now, and it's definitely challenging to avoid all of the foods on the "non-compliant" list. The only food I am really missing is peanut butter/peanuts. The reasoning for not eating peanuts, basically, is this: as a legume, peanuts have lectin (a protein structure that may be hazardous to humans), which is highly resistant to digestion and toxic to animals (when raw). All legumes have lectin, but it's usually destroyed during heating. In peanuts, it isn't destroyed, and lectins then fool your gut lining into letting them into the bloodstream by mimicking the structure of other proteins. Undigested proteins shouldn't be released into the body, so the result is inflammation in the body. Instead of eating peanut butter, the authors/founders of the program suggest sunflower butter, which they say is very similar to peanut butter. I finally picked some up today, and I really like it! Since the Whole30 does n

Workin' On It Wednesday

I haven't done a Workin' On It Wednesday in a while! I hope what you're working on is going well! I've been working on eating clean and weight training, have started an Instagram account, and have been putting a lot of thought into factoring using the ladder method (about which I have a different blog post that I'm working on). Link up below! An InLinkz Link-up

Spending Time

There are times during the school year when I think I spend too much time on a math topic….not because the kids seem bored with it or anything like that, but because I have to get so many concepts covered that I’m afraid I’ll run out of time; so spending more time than I’m “supposed to” occasionally stresses me out.   But most of the time, I’m glad I spend so much time on concepts, even though I appear to be “behind” when talking with other teachers about “where we are.” When I say that I spend more time, it’s not that I make the students do worksheet after worksheet; instead, we practice/interact with the same skills in different ways, as I’m sure you do. For example, before the holiday break, we worked on finding the GCF. In the past, most of the students had only been taught one method to find GCF - by listing out the factors. I taught the students the prime factorization method and the ladder method (personally, I LOVE the ladder method, for most sets of numbers). Then we had th

What Do Teachers Need? Super-Short "Survey"

What do teachers need? What's the first thought that comes to your mind? I'm so curious to know the first thought that crosses your mind when asked that question (as a current teacher or former teacher). Will you leave your thoughts in the comments below? Whatever comes to mind first....!   Thanks! ** apple clip art by ** font by

Partnering Cards Using Equivalent Expressions

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Love to Doodle (and a freedbie)

Exponents Color by Number For most of my school life as a student (and even as an adult, during PD), I have really liked doodling! During lectures, would help me focus, but also give me something to make me look busy, so I wouldn't get called on in class! I always hated being called on and almost never participated voluntarily:) I liked to draw cubes, rectangles, squiggly lines, etc, and color in different parts of the doodles. Download this freebie:-) I really wanted to make some color by number activities. Since I am not good at creating actual pictures, I decided to make my color by numbers similar to my random drawing/doodling. My Exponent Color by Number is most similar to my past doodles, but I thought it was a little too random, so I started using actual shapes. The Integer Operations Color by Number (freebie), as well as most of my other color by numbers are more structured, but so much fun for me to make! Computerized doodling! Anyone else

Progress Calendars

I have done quite  a bit of reading over the past several days, and I can't remember where this information was mentioned:(   But, wherever I was reading, it was mentioned that Jerry Seinfeld's method to ensure that he stayed productive was to get a big wall calendar of the year and put it in a visible place. Then he used a red marker and made an X on each day that he worked on writing (in order to create better jokes). He said that once there are red Xs in a row, there's motivation to "not break the chain" of Xs, thus creating motivation to write every day (or complete whatever task/activity it is that you need to create motivation to work on each day). I like this idea, but since there are several things I want to make sure I do every day, one red X wouldn't be enough to cover these activities. So, I took the calendar pages I had made for my organizational binder (I only have until July, so I'll have to add the rest of the months later) and I separate