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How to Check Your Math Work: Suggestions for Students

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Help Students Learn to Manage Their Time

In my early years of teaching, I didn't always know what to say when students told me they didn't have time to do their homework (other than something like, "You must have had some time between 4:00 and 9:00!). There were all kinds of reasons - they had sports practice or a lesson, or they had to go to their brother's or sister's game/practice/event of some kind; or their parents took them shopping or out to eat. At that time I had one child (who was 2 when I started teaching), so I didn't have the experience from a parent's point of view of making sure I was getting my kids to their activities, getting done all the house-related things, and also making sure they were getting their homework done. This made it a little difficult for me to relate to the students' situations, but I tried to help them think about how much time they did have to do their work. Being involved in activities definitely reduces time for schoolwork, but it doesn't mean t

Fall Freebie!

Hard to believe that we're approaching the end of October!! I made this cross number puzzle to use with fast finishers over the next couple of weeks:-)  Hope you can use it! Click to access on new site       Have a great week!

Problem of the Week, #14

All problems can now be found here, on my new site: This one's a quick Halloween-themed logic puzzle. I hope you can use it! To access all Problem of the Week free resources, click  here !

Problem of the Week, #13

All problems are now on my new site: Time for Problem of the Week, #13!  Part A of this week's problem asks students to write an algebraic equation for a situation (students will need to use 2 variables). In Parts B and C, they need to substitute the given information into their equation to solve.  An extension for students who finish early - ask them to "create" a bracelet that will cost a specific dollar amount. Click here to access. To access all of the past Problem of the Weeks, click here !

#MathDates for 9/26 - 9/30

In case you haven't found these on Instagram or Facebook, here are the dates as mathematical expressions for the coming week:-)

Problem of the Week, #12 Mixed Operations

All problems are now on my new site: