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Problem of the Week, #13

All problems are now on my new site: Time for Problem of the Week, #13!  Part A of this week's problem asks students to write an algebraic equation for a situation (students will need to use 2 variables). In Parts B and C, they need to substitute the given information into their equation to solve.  An extension for students who finish early - ask them to "create" a bracelet that will cost a specific dollar amount. Click here to access. To access all of the past Problem of the Weeks, click here !

#MathDates for 9/26 - 9/30

In case you haven't found these on Instagram or Facebook, here are the dates as mathematical expressions for the coming week:-)

Problem of the Week, #12 Mixed Operations

All problems are now on my new site:

Math Dates 9/19-9/23/16

This week's math dates are pictured here! If you've been using the math dates for a few weeks, this week might be a good week to make a "mistake" in one of the days and see if your students notice -  keep them on their toes! I included several fractions with exponents in both the numerator and denominator this week. If your students aren't familiar with exponent rules, they might make some observations and discover a rule for themselves by the end of the week:-) If you have trouble reading the dates here on the blog, you can also find them on my Instagram and Facebook accounts. Have a great week!

How Can You Help Change a Negative Math Mindset?

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