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Workin' On It Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! What are you working on? Link up below to share :) An InLinkz Link-up

Using the Coordinate Plane

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Fun Findings!

Check out my new site: I was looking in one of my classroom closets today, to see if I had any yarn (I didn't), and on the top shelf I found this "poster" that I made years ago. I made it when I taught 2nd grade (12-13 years ago), and used it to keep track of center rotations when we had our reading/language arts block.  The circle represents the color of the groups that students were assigned to, and it is attached with a brad, so it is able to turn. The little rectangles around the outside are pieces of velcro, to which I attached different cards with names of the different activities that students were to work on. Looking at the cards that were attached when I pulled it from the closet, it looks like I also used it when I taught reading/lang arts in the middle school, (though for some reason I don't remember this as clearly - even though it's more recent!) I've started thinking about how (if) I can use this in math clas