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Happy to Know...

How can so much time go by between my posts?! I think of so many things to write about, but get caught up getting other things done, and never write about what I'm thinking:(

Anyway, just a quick post to share what I'm "happy to know." 

The other week, my husband and his friend were eating at a diner, and his friend starting talking to a family he knew that was also eating at the diner. After a bit of conversation, our last name came up, and the "girl" (woman, really....she's almost 30) in the family realized who my husband was. This girl had been in my 5th grade class during my third year of teaching, 18 years ago! A few years later she babysat our children, but as the years went by, I didn't see her any more. It turns out that she is now a teacher, and she told my husband that I am one of the reasons that she wanted to become a teacher!  I'm so happy to know that I had a positive influence on her:-)


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