I am currently updating this page, pulling the freebies from posts in the blog to here, so they're all in one place. Some of the items link to TPT, for free download and others link to Google drive. I've had people email me from time to time, requesting access to an activity in Google drive, but when I try to share it, it normally turns out that the school district doesn't allow the access. If this is the case, try to use a personal account to gain access. If you can't get to it that way, please email me, and I'll send it to you - though I have had a few district addresses reject my Google email. Please check back for updates, or subscribe to my newsletter to get new freebies that way. Thanks!

Link for all weeks
Daily Math
Order of Operations
Area and Perimeter
Integer Operations
Fraction, Decimal, Percent Number Line

Fraction, Decimal, Percent Fold It Up
Properties Fold It Up
Pentomino Fun!
Converting Fractions and Decimals Fold it Up
Functions Footloose
Ladder Method Fold it Up
Mean, Median, Mode, Range
Equivalent Expressions Partnering Cards
Create Your Own Coloring Activity
Daily Language with Partners
Back to School Math Footloose
Fall & Winter Activities


  1. Thank you sharing your materials. I'm always looking to do things better or revamp old things.

  2. Thanks for these freebies!! I am new to teaching math and I Love anything free (and useful)! ;)



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