Workin' on it Wednesday, July 16

This week, I have continued to work on reading and posting about The Differentiated Math Classroom. (I've finished chapter 4 - only 7 more to go!)
I've been babysitting my nephew a couple days a week this summer (he's 4 and loves numbers); last week, he (and the book) made me remember that I really wanted to work on creating color by number products for my classroom. He made me remember this because he's really into color by number right now, and we spent time coloring together last week. The book made me think of it because in the first chapter there's a scenario with students coming in and getting to work on different activities....this reminded me that I needed to make more activities! I've been planning to work on color by numbers since January and had even started a Valentine's one, but never got myself to finish, and went on to other things. I finally worked on one this week!

What have you been working on?

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