My Garden Attacked My Lip!!

I decided to weed in my "garden" this morning (it doesn't have much planted this year but berry bushes and a couple fruit trees, so the cleared space I used for vegetables last year is now weeds. Booo.).
When I decided I was finished, I walked into the house, noticing that my lip felt a little funny and puffy. I looked in the mirror, and the left half up my upper lip was swollen! There was a little black dot on it, which I got off (or out - I'm not sure which) with a tweezers. I took some Benedryl (only one though, because I don't want to fall asleep) and am waiting to see if it gets better (hasn't gotten worse yet and it's been an hour). I don't remember anything touching my lip, but maybe a tiny thorn or bug got to me....

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