Reviewing Fraction Operations

After the snow days, delays, and various missed classes, I wanted students to do some practice with adding, subtracting, and multiplying fractions before we moved on to division.

We spent part of a class period using our decks of fraction cards to do this. I told students they could practice whichever operation they felt they needed most, or they could alternate operations. They could start with two new cards for each problem or use their answer from a problem as part of the next problem - entirely up to them!

They really love to use the whiteboards, so they scattered themselves around the room and got started. A few pair kept adding fraction after fraction after pair commented that it was taking forever to get their sums to equal 1...a nice lead in to a short conversation about why that could happen:)

Overall, classes did a great job with this, working well and helping each other out. I love to see students helping one another to understand, as is happening in the picture to the left. It's fun to witness, and they don't even realize how much it is helping them:)

We have started fraction division since this day, and I'll write about that in a day or two.

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