Converting Fractions and Decimals Fold it Up!

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I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, but it can be tough!

Before break, we worked on finding factors, prime factorization, and finding GCF.
We went back to school for one day last week (Thursday) and spent some time reviewing these ideas. Then, we had a snow day.

So, tomorrow, I think we can move on, and discuss converting fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions.

We have done a little of this during the year, through our Mental Gymnastics (daily math), but haven't spent extended time on it. I made this quick Fold it Up to help us tomorrow. Our book series has a decent powerpoint, and as we go through it, the students can quickly fill in the appropriate terms on the Fold It Up. Then they can use it as a resource when doing their homework and studying.

This one is a little different than any I've made before. I included a fraction/decimal number line at the top, so it's a handy reference in the notebooks.

Step one for this Fold it Up is to cut along the top dotted line, starting at the left and stopping at the vertical line.

Step two: fold on the vertical line as shown in the fuzzy picture!
Step three: reopen the Fold it Up and cut on the horizontal dotted lines (I found that the fold ended up better when the fold was made before the little flaps were cut).

Step four: fill in the appropriate terms!

Here's to a great Monday!

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