Fall/Thanksgiving Coloring

Many years ago (I have no idea how many!) I used this coloring activity with students. I don't remember where the idea came from, and I had even forgotten that I ever used it! (The memory is really going!!) However, I was looking through an old "November" file to find some ideas for today (for the substitute to use - I took a personal day), and found the tracers and examples in my file.

Once I found it, I DID remember that the kids used to really enjoy this activity. So, I gathered materials (graph paper, tracers, colored pencils, thin black markers, construction paper) and left them for the sub, with these directions:

1. Students take one piece of graph paper (I use the tiny squares, but younger students could use larger ones).
2. Place the tracer under the graph paper and trace the outline and details of the shape.
3. Color the squares with different shades, alternating light and dark (I like to use colored pencils rather than markers).
4. When finished, outline in black, and go over detail lines in a darker color.
5. Cut out and glue onto construction paper.
Download both!

Click to download both tracers!
This is a great idea to use with any tracer to make attractive pictures any time. I was just so excited to find it again that I thought I'd share:)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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