Loving My Whiteboards!

Today, I watched students using my whiteboards and was just SO glad that I've been making better use of them! (The students really enjoy using them too!)  I've had my little whiteboards for quite a long time, so I took some time to re-tape them with colorful "Duck" tape over the summer. They are definitely more attractive now!

Though I've had these whiteboards for at least 15 years, I haven't used them all that much in middle school....yes, I have pulled them out from time to time, but they weren't a part of my regular activities...I don't really know why. I used them much more often when I taught elementary school.

Anyway, since re-taping them, I have kept them out on my counter, in sight, and maybe that's why I think of them more often. Today, students completed a Footloose activity for algebraic expressions, and of course, they all finished at different times. So, as they finished, I had students sit at an empty group of desks, with the whiteboards, and work on Order of Operations flashcards (I am loving these too, by the way - this is the first year I've had them, and they make for great, quick, differentiated practice). I hadn't planned to have them do this whiteboard work, but the cards and the whiteboards caught my eye, and the kids were perfectly happy to grab a whiteboard and marker and get started:-)


 Just wanted to share:-)

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