Working on the Classroom!

I've spent many hours at school so far this week - finally:)  I spent quite some time cleaning off my shelves...I keep sooo many things that I might use. So, I threw away some items and organized the rest....mostly. I still have some organizing of new materials I've made.

Besides cleaning and making 110 hornets for our team bulletin board (took forever!), I put up the new items I've made in the past week. These ideas are based on many great ideas found on Pinterest.

My clock idea is a little different than the clocks I've seen so far...I decided to use basic facts for now, because even though the kids "should" know them by 6th grade, quite a few of them do not. I'm hoping that using division facts in this way will help them more quickly than usual. I'm starting with the 7s, and plan to switch to something new each month (maybe every two weeks...we'll see.)
 I'm excited about the coordinate plane! It's laminated and on an accessible bulletin board, so the students can write on it. I plan to make quadrant numbers and points, so that students can use them to label points, etc. (in addition to writing on it).

This next picture is just some of my Footloose cards sets, in an old pocket chart that I used when I taught elementary school. I had been keeping the sets in a binder, but I like the chart - it gives me a visual reminder of this resource.
I have a bunch of card sets that are laminated and need to be cut and added to the pockets.

Below are the horizontal and vertical signs I made last week!

Last, but not least, is my "ticket out the door" poster, again modeled after various ones I've seen on Pinterest (although maybe not as cute!).

I have a few more things I need to create and organize....what should I do tomorrow...?

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