Getting Things Done in the Classroom!

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In between meetings the past two days, I've gotten a little more classroom work done. I made an area and perimeter "poster" to cover one of my closet doors (yes, I did see this idea on Pinterest!). Hopefully the kids will notice it throughout the year! We won't get to these topics of study until later in the year; however, the Mental Gymnastics book that I use for morning work does address area and perimeter throughout the year, so I know they will be able to use the poster as a resource.

old, messy whiteboards!

I also decided to redo the kid-sized whiteboards that I've had for years. I had these cut at Home Depot quite a while ago, and used them often when I taught at the elementary level. I haven't used them quite as much in middle school, but my math classes are going to be a bit smaller this year (yay!), so I'm thinking I may use them a bit more. I used some nifty Duck Tape to make them more eye-catching.

new, nifty whiteboards!
I think I like the polka dot tape better.

Tomorrow will be the last day I have to get my room ready....what else can I make?!

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