Equivalent Fractions

Wow! I haven't written in over a week! It's amazing how quickly time goes by!
The past two weeks have been good, at school and otherwise. We had a two-hour delay one day (always interesting)!
On the personal side, I did cut out Diet Coke for more than a week. But, I had one each of the last two days, and interestingly, today I have been eating sugar constantly! I hadn't been monitoring my desire for certain foods; I was more focused on the mood idea. But as I was eating like my millionth Peanut Chew, I suddenly had the thought that I hadn't been this hungry for junk in at least a week......and then I realized I had the soda today.  Coincidence?  Maybe. I won't have any DC for a few more days, and will see how hungry I am for junk/sugary food.

At school, we converted decimals to fractions and fractions to decimals, worked with equivalent fractions, and converted mixed numbers to improper fractions and fractions to mixed numbers.

Today, we spent time on an equivalent fraction activity. I've made "decks" of fraction cards (54 in each). Each deck has 6 sets of equivalent fractions. Each group of students spread out the cards in their decks, and then had to sort them into equivalent sets. They did a good job communicating with each other about why certain fractions were equivalent. They also did a good job with organizing the cards.Successful sorting!

Now that the students are familiar with the cards and understand how this deck of cards is designed, they can play "Go Fish" with them next week.

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