Integers Fold it Up Freebie!

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Wow, the summer has just flown by (as always)!

Among other things this summer, I've been working hard on creating new units for 6th grade math. I've made an effort to include different "colorable" sections on many of the pages, and all of the units include a couple different Fold it Ups that I've created or tweaked over the years. I just love the Fold It Ups, as I'm sure many of you do.

This one is from my Rational Numbers unit - (it's also in my Fold It Up book, but the labels on that one are black rather than "colorable").
I especially like this one because it gets glued onto a second page, which has a number line. This allows for some flexibility when teaching about negatives, positives, and opposites. The number line can be used during the introduction of the concepts, to label vocabulary on the number line....make it a visual. Or, it can be used during review, when preparing for a test or quiz....students can label when self-quizzing (or quizzing each other)!

Or click here!
The download also includes notes for the inside:-)

Hope you can use it!

Font in the graphic by KG Fonts.

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