Problem of the Week, # 1

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As always (for me), it's so hard to believe that it's the beginning of another school year!

One of my needs for the school year is to continue adding more problem solving to our weekly math work, so to help keep myself on track with creating new problems, I am starting a "Problem of the Week" blog post. Each week, on Sunday or Monday, I will share the latest problem I've written, along with the solution.

In using these problems with my classes, I have students work alone for 5-7 minutes, recording any thoughts and/or math work on their own papers. Then they discuss their thoughts (and solutions if they have any) with a small group of 2-3 students and collaborate to find agreement about the solutions.

This week's problem deals with exponents. After solving, the students might be surprised by how quickly an amount of money increases as it's doubled again and again. This can lead to a great discussion about exponential growth!
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If you use these problems in different ways, I'd love to hear about it!
If you have any trouble downloading the problem, feel free to email me at, and I can send it to you:-)

Update: To access all of the Problem of the Week problems (future), click here!

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