March Mayhem

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I have to be honest and say that I don't spend much time watching basketball (sorry!), but when some collaborators came up with a fun way to follow the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament (AND offer some free products), I thought it sounded like a great thing to do! 

Our collaborative group, "Tools for Teaching Teens," (Brittany Naujok from the Colorado Classroom, Technology Integration Depot, Math Giraffe, Leah Cleary, History Gal, and myself) has put together a set of brackets to go along with the tournament! Each basketball team has been connected with a set of resources for middle school and high school teachers, and you can get some of these resource for free! Here's what you can do:

1.  For now, you can go here to download your free kickoff package.  The free bundle includes 6 resources, in different subject areas.

2.  Check out the "Mayhem" brackets here and root for your favorite items! (Some of these are high priced items from our stores).  When the tournament champion is crowned, the winning set of products will be made free to EVERYONE, not just one lucky winner!

3.  Follow our pinterest board for a many ideas and blog posts, all for teaching teenage students.

4.  Check out the links below to get acquainted with the whole "Tools for Teaching Teens" team!

5.  Remember to come back at the end of the tournament, to see which set of great resources made it to the end!  You will be able to access a free download of the paid items by re-downloading the original freebie bundle - at that time, it will be updated to include the winning paid resources!  May the best products win!

Click to download the free bundle!

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