Boston Cuddliness!

I just wanted to share a couple pictures of our super-cuddly Boston Terrier, Lily. She is the funniest dog, when it comes to getting cuddled up in blankets. She's seven years old, and for years, we'd find her buried under blankets in the morning, never quite sure how she'd get herself under them so well. We now know that she will paw at the blankets, pull them with her teeth, and move them around so that she can duck her head under the edge and then nudge her head under the blankets, farther and farther until she's well underneath. It's so funny to watch! She can be so persistent.

In the first picture here, she had a pretty easy time of getting between the layers of blankets to cuddle up. In the second picture, she was just cuddled up next to my daughter, asleep, covered in her blankets, of course.

We think she is just the cutest!

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