Workin' On It Wednesday July 23

Happy Wednesday!

Based on recommendations in the book, The Differentiated Math Classroom, I have been working on brainstorming a better daily plan for my math class.

For any math teachers, I'd love to hear about the structure of your class/daily routine/etc. I have a 40ish -minute math period each day and each year I try to find the "perfect" way to use those 40 minutes....still searching, and my current brainstorming is leading me in a new direction...we'll see where I end up!

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  1. Thanks for the link up! It's so hard to fit material into a 40min class period! I've always tried to kept my class on a schedule - Monday's I introduce new material, Tuesday's we do some type of activity to help that new material stick, etc. Having the students know what to expect each day of the week helped some!



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