Chocolate Break!

So, I've spent most of the day working on an activity for school, fighting with the computer QUITE a bit!

Suddenly, I felt the urge to take a break and try making these Dark Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie Bars. It's a recipe I found on Pinterest, and it uses coconut oil, which I have not used before (I do have coconut oil though, because I've intended to use it, but haven't gotten around to it...). I used dark chocolate chips rather than chocolate chunks on hand.

Anyway, my pictures are not as tasty-looking as the ones on the blog, but these bars are as tasty-looking as those blog pictures!

Guess I'll get back to work soon....

What do you do when you need a break?


  1. Those look yummy. I love Pinterest. I'm not sure what I do when I need a break because I feel like my I take breaks all day long during the summer. LOL The biggest distraction to my productivity is definitely social media of the TV. There's always something to check online and with Direct TV there's always something to watch. Not like back in the day growing up when we had four TV channels!

  2. I have been eating ice cream when I need a break! Not the best decision!

    The Math Maniac



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