What Do You See?

For the past few school days, the students have been working on creating Escher-like tessellations (good directions here), and I decided to create a new one myself. I have made a few in the past, but I think they are buried in my closet and I couldn't find them! (Cleaning needed....eventually:)  I was able to find some student work from past years, so my students had good examples to help them understand the concept.

One of the challenges of this activity (for myself as well as for the students) is to determine what our tessellating shapes actually look like. Sometimes we can easily see a bird or a ghost or a face, but other times, it's hard to see anything. So, before I decide what to draw inside my tessellating shape, I thought I'd see if anyone has any ideas. What do you see in this shape? I rotated it so you can see it at different angles....I have a few thoughts, and my students gave me a few ideas, but I'd love to know what someone else sees.

For our tessellations templates, we used two-inch squares. We cut shapes from the left side of the square and the top of the square. We slid these pieces to their opposite sides and taped them on.

This is a picture of my shape, traced over and over onto oak tag (lightly, in pencil), awaiting its inside design.

What do you see??


  1. I did tessellations with my middle schoolers last year. What a fun project;) we used them in the display for our STEAM fair:)
    I see a herd of buffalo:-)

  2. I love doing tessellations with kids! I find it is a great end of year project!

    The Math Maniac



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