Teacher Appreciation Giveaway and Blog Hop!

This is the first blog hop I am participating in and I am very excited to see how it goes! This giveaway includes best-selling products from many TPT sellers from all different grade levels, to show appreciation for all of you hard-working teachers!

The product I donated is my Algebraic Expressions Footloose and Extra Practice, which is my best-selling product. Footloose is one of many ways to use task cards. I've used Footloose activities with students for about 15 years, and they enjoy it at any grade and with any subject (I've used it in 2nd, 4th, and 6th, in LA, math, and science). I guess the game is similar to Scoot, which I had never heard of until recently.

I have blogged about playing Footloose before, so if you'd like to read that post, click here, but the main idea is included below.

How to play (many teachers like to play the song "Footloose" during the activity):

1. There are 30 cards, with a question on each card. Each card is numbered, from 1-30. I do laminate the cards so that they don't get ruined after one use:)
2. Students receive a Footloose grid (there's one on the desk in the picture).
3. Each student is given a card to start with, and the  extras are placed around the room. I sometimes put them on the chalk/white boards ledges (cards are on the ledge in the picture).
4. Students find the answer to each question, writing their work on the grid or on separate paper. They then record the answer to each question on the grid, in the box with the corresponding number.
5. When students finish with a card, they place it on the chalk ledge and get a new card. 
6. This continues until students have answered all questions.
Free Order of Operations Footloose
(An alternate way to play - tape the cards up around the room and students can go to the cards in any order.)

I use Footloose on a regular basis, and the students are always glad to get up and get moving! Feel free to download the free Order of Operations Footloose on this page.

You can enter the giveaway for grades 6-8 below, and then "hop" on to the next blog and enter giveaways for other grade levels as well!


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