Surviving the Chaos

The end of the school year always comes with so much excitement, with different events to celebrate the close of another year. The excitement carries over into the classroom, with students expressing that excitement in so many ways!

A couple of quick survival ideas that help me manage that excitement during our last few days of classes: I love to have the students spend time working on art/craft types of projects that there isn't as much time for during the year. My favorite math project is to create Escher-like tessellations (good directions in the linked document; we will start working on  tessellations next week). These require students to focus and work carefully, and they really enjoy creating them.

A favorite activity for my homeroom students is to have them create a memory wheel, which gives them the opportunity to really reflect on the year AND do some drawing and coloring (I don't know about you, but I really enjoy coloring and don't get much time to do it!!)

Have a fantastic end of the school year!

Thanks for joining our end of the school year blog hop today. We had a great turn out of hoppers. The prize pack part of the hop is now closed. Stay tuned for blog excitement in mid July.

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