Translating Between Words and Math - Graphic Organizer

Graphic organizer for translating word to math
Ah, Tuesday. I find my brain searching for how to write an interesting post, but it just doesn't seem to be able to find it!!

Anyway, quickly - today we worked on evaluating algebraic expressions when the variable was a given value. Tomorrow we'll practice a bit more and then move on to translating between words and math (using variables). We've done a little bit of this already, through our Mental Gymnastics book, so it won't be brand new. However, we will use the circle chart I made today to remind students of the operation words that will help them translate between words and mathematical expressions.
(I decided to go with the circle organizer after I found my "Memory Wheel" templates in my closet today!)

I made a quick graphic organizer for this, and will give students the choice to either use the organizer or simply draw their own in their notebooks....I'm curious to see how many choose to draw their own as opposed to using the organizer....I'll update to let you know:-)

Graphic organizer for translating word to math
Click to download graphic organizer.

Have a happy Wednesday!!

***Update - of about 90 students, only 2 chose to draw their own circles. The others all used the organizer and used markers/colored pencils to fill them in; most of them chose to cut their circles out:-)

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