Playing Algebraic Equations Bingo

Happy Halloween! Although, it didn't feel like Halloween at school today, because our students aren't dressing up until tomorrow. So, today, we had our algebraic expressions/equations test (which meant no homework for Trick or Treat night!), and will play Fall Footloose tomorrow for a fun Friday/Halloween math class.

But, this post is supposed to be about playing Bingo!  We did that yesterday, to help prepare for today's test. I started using this Bingo last year, and it has worked out very well. The Bingo set has 11 different Bingo cards (worksheets), and the students must solve the one-step equations on their cards before we can play. I haven't laminated the cards because I like the fact that they can write their answers right on the cards, making the numbers easier to find when I call them.

Click to see Bingo on TPT
The kids did a great job solving as quickly and quietly as possible, so that we could get down to playing. It took students about 15 minutes to solve the problems (for all to finish, though some finished in a much shorter period of time), and then we played for another was a good amount of playing time, and they really enjoyed it:-) Some of the students used chips to mark their numbers, while others asked to use highlighters, which worked just as well. On the second round, they used a different color highlighter. We had lots of winners (because we keep calling numbers until several win)!

One thing I like about having only 11 different cards is that if one person wins, two should actually win, if they have done their work correctly and paid attention. This allows more winners and also helps me to note if we are "short" winners. I was happy to see that in almost every case, we did have more than one winner each time. Fun!

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