Flash Freebie: "I Have, Who Has" for Algebraic Equations:

**Update - flash freebie time has passed, but the link will still take you to TPT if you are interested in the product. Thanks!

This is my first Flash Freebie! It will be free for a few hours:-)

Click to go to TPT.
The other day I made an "I Have, Who Has" for solving addition and subtraction equations. I don't usually use I Have, Who Has in math, because I feel like it takes a while to get through the game (depending on the concept), and I don't want the kids to get too restless.However, I thought I'd give it a try! I made 32 cards, so that if future classes are larger, I have enough for each student (hopefully class size doesn't go over 32!)

Overall, it worked out well for all four of my classes. The first class took about 20 minutes to finish the game (many of them were writing out their work for each problem). In the next period, I told them that they didn't need to write out all of the work, but could solve it mentally or using the calculator, and that class took 14 minutes. The third class took about 9 minutes, and the fourth class took 15 minutes. The interesting thing to me was that the smaller classes took longer to complete the game, even though they all completed the same number of problems...hmmm.
They did each have 2 cards to look at, but they didn't have to solve more problems...

Anyway, I hope you'll go grab it for free!

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