Sub Binder and 100 Followers! Yay!

I'm so happy today! For starters, I FINALLY made a binder for when I have a sub (it only took me...um....22 years!).  I mean, I did have good sub folders in the past and I always make sure to have good sub plans, but I finally decided that a binder would be the most organized.

My blue and yellow tabbed sections are the rosters and seating charts for the different classes. The red tabs are important health issues, student information, and fire drill/lockdown, etc procedures. To the left, I have a page protector that holds various items that aren't hole-punchable.

I hope this will be convenient for substitutes to use!

Also, I hit 100 blog followers on Bloglovin' today! (hope it doesn't go back to 99 tomorrow!!)
When I started my blog, I didn't really think anyone would care to read what I wrote, so I am thankful that people have started to follow me:) Thank you!

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