Making It Metric!

Wow! Time goes by so quickly!
I was just reading (quickly) a few other blogs and noticing quite a few bloggers who are surprised at how much time has past since their last post. Me too! Things are so busy...teaching, planning, grading, helping my own daughter with school work, house stuff, trying to fit in exercise, and trying not to get TOO sucked in to Pinterest as I try to spend a little time looking for new ideas! Oh yeah, and attempting to get some decent sleep!!

I hope everyone is having a good school year so far. I am really happy with our students so far this year! This week, we've been continuing in the metric realm, with creating maps of our classroom, and the students have been doing a great job. The students have measured the length and width of the classroom and at least 5 items in the room, to include on their map. The real challenge now is coming up with a reasonable scale for their maps. We tested out a few scales, like 1 cm = 1 m, but that would give us a map that is only about 8 cm by 12 cm....a bit small. They suggested maybe 1 cm = 1 dm, but that would give us a map that's about 80 cm by 120 cm.....also not the best. Of the four math classes I have, one group came up with a reasonable scale fairly quickly, but the other three are still thinking a bit...

Tomorrow will be interesting as we work on correctly drawing the maps to scale:-)

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