Equivalent Fraction War

Some students finally got to play Equivalent Fraction War today!

We again worked on the group problem solving that we started last week (comparing and ordering fractions), and continued with Footloose...also comparing and ordering fractions (click for description of Footloose game). Of course, students finish Footloose at all different times, so the few that did finish today had the opportunity to play Equivalent Fraction War with the fraction cards decks I've made.

Students comparing cards in War- click to see cards.
I am loving these fraction decks of cards! I made them during the summer, just with the idea of playing "Go Fish," but then they were convenient for equivalent fraction sorting, and now they are great for playing "War." The kids who played today did a great job deciding which fraction was larger....I asked them to write their work on paper, so I could be sure they weren't guessing, but after a few turns, I could hear the discussion as they found common denominators, and made equivalent fraction to compare, or reduced the fractions to compare. They were definitely thinking!
I'm finding that the use of these cards is really helping their mental math and the math conversations that they are having.

Double War!
Even though only a few students got to do this today, several of them asked to play during 9th period today (homework/activity period). I'm looking forward to more students playing tomorrow, as the rest of them finish up their Footloose!

I wonder what other uses I'll find for these cards..any ideas?

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