Puppy Surgery

Summer is finally here, and what I have I been doing? Dentist, doctor, another doctor, and today the vet for my pups. This was not for their regular check-ups (like our human appointments were). Each of them had something to be done.

Oreo had to be tested for Cushing's Disease. If he has this, we will need to start medication for him. His test was pretty easy, and I was able to pick him up a couple hours after I dropped him off.
The vet said he barked quite a bit and had trouble settling down, but after he settled, he took turns sitting on people's laps:) He is blind now (11.5 years old), so I'm sure he was probably a bit frightened without us.

Lily, on the other hand, had to be spayed and she also had a little growth on her gums that needed to be removed. Her surgery went well, but she can't come home until tomorrow:(
Lily looking for me.
The vet told us that during the surgery, she found that Lily's left ovary was 10 times the size it is supposed to be (she showed it to me and I took a picture because I knew my husband would want to see!), so they are going to send that to be biopsied. I'm a little worried about my sweetie.

I think Oreo is missing her already - I know I am!


  1. Ellie, your babies are so cute! I hope they are okay!!!

  2. Aww, they are adorable! I hope they are both doing OK!

  3. Thanks Leah and Andrea! They are doing really well. Lily doesn't want to sit still!



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