Crochet Time!

I hope you've had a wonderful holiday season so far! I love having some actual free time!

I've had a little time to work on some things that I don't normally get around to on a "regular" day. For example, I finally spent some time crocheting last night! I started crocheting about 4-5 years ago (doesn't seem like that long ago!) and at that time I made several afghans, baby sweaters and hats for my nephew, and attempted a couple of sweaters (finished them, but didn't wear them much). I had started an afghan for my husband at least 2 years ago and never finished it (!), so I worked on that a bit last night. I'm thinking that if I spend some time every evening this week, I might just get it finished. The pictures here show the front and the back of the afghan, which uses a pattern called "mosaic." I made one in tan and white for my brother a while back and it turned out great, so I had started the green and white for the hubby (green is his favorite color). It would be nice to finish it this winter, so he can actually use it!!

I really love crocheting  - I wish afghans didn't take me so long!!

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