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I spent ALL day cleaning, so I needed to take a quick break to share the Properties Fold it Up that we started using on Friday. It includes the Commutative, Associative, and Distributive Properties, as well as the Identity Properties of Addition and Multiplication.  The students are fairly familiar with Commutative and Associative, but the Distributive Property is relatively new and definitely more difficult.

We will spend the greater part of the next couple days on the Distributive Property, and at this point I'm excited to know that it (and the other properties) will keep popping up throughout the year in the Mental Gymnastics (daily math) book I wrote over the summer....this was one reason I created my own book - the others I had used did not review the properties as much as my students needed.

Below is the Fold it Up. You can click on the picture below and download it for free. The inside is divided into 5 sections, with dotted lines on the top half, for students to cut (don't have them cut the bottom dotted lines...a couple of mine started to!). The outside is blank, for students to label themselves - I had to be sure that students wrote the properties on the correct flaps....a few had stapled it into their notebooks before labeling (taking turns with stapler), and because of the way they stapled, a few started labeling at the wrong end.

Click to download free Fold it Up.
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